Mass shootings and gun control

In the past few years, there have been a lot of mass shootings in the United States.  Every one of them has ignited afresh the debate on whether or not …

The Second Amendment and its history

The Framers of the Constitution recognized that allegiance must be to the Constitution – not the State – as a limit on the power of the State to protect the people.  This is why it’s sometimes said that sworn personnel are “sworn to protect the people.”

Meet Second Amendment Warrior Mark Callahan

In the video included, I interviewed Mark so he could express in his own words his love of Country, God, and Guns, I believe it reflects what so many of us believe, live, teach our children… and fear we are losing, If we can secure Men and Women like Mr. Callahan to represent our values in the Government, I believe we can win this fight with those who choose to take our liberty and Constitutional rights away.


Our Facebook group, the Religion of Arms, is a very active group that is growing extremely fast and at times we sometimes need to stop to understand why we are …

Be a Protector not an Aggressor

Today we live in a world where many people are pushing to enact gun-control legislation that would all but completely destroy the Second Amendment.  They are working to pass gun …

Be a Protector not an Aggressor

If we approach with understanding and genuinely listen to their fears and concerns and address those in a calm, non-threatening manner they will be more likely to listen and more open to understanding.  The more rational we are and the more understanding of them we are the more likely we will be able to influence their position.