Another tragedy averted…but you won’t hear about it.

A masked gunman walked into a Birmingham Alabama McDonald’s intent on being a Mass Murderer.  A quick thinking Concealed Carrier put an end to those plans. On October 27, a 24-year-old man, walked into the eatery, and opened fire, resulting in one fatality…his own.

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Antonio Desmond Sanders, the perpetrator and only deceased, was recent graduate of the “Dannon Project”. Ironically enough, the program was enacted to reduce recidivism rates in career criminals.

When Sanders entered McDonald’s, he did not expect to meet much resistance, let alone a hero that would fight back.  After opening fire, a father, dining with his 17-year-old son, was able to draw and return fire. The exchange of gunfire left one person dead, the 24 year old perpetrator.  As is the case with most shootings, witness testimonies vary.  From her vantage point at the drive-up window, one person claims to have heard between 6-8 shots being fired.  Marcus Washington, an employee who took cover in the Walk-in freezer reported to hearing upwards of 15.

With the number of shots being fired still under investigation, there are a few facts that have already been established.  Two were injured and the gunman is dead.

The father that returned fire and his son, are both expected to make a full recovery.

McDonald’s employee Marcus Washington was quoted as saying , “All we hear is like different gunfire, So in my mind, I’m imagining everybody is dead”.  Speaking of the man who put an end to the shooting, Mr. Washington said “He’s my hero, because I can only imagine how it would’ve went if he wasn’t armed”.

The Conclusion

This is yet another example of why the Second Amendment is so important.  This will prove to be another example of heroism that will be ignored by the media. Perhaps it is because the results do not fit the agenda driven narrative. Had the gunman been able to murder the patrons and employees, this would have been simply another mass shooting. However, because of the actions of a licensed gun owner, this event will not reach the masses.

Here’s TheFireArmGuy and his take.

These scenarios rarely equated into the Gun Control debate by those seeking to restrict our rights. Maybe it is because the outcome reflects well on the Second Amendment.   We will never know how many innocent lives he may have chosen to take had he not been stopped. What we CAN say is that due to the heroic acts of this particular gun owner, the gunman did not have the ability to make that choice.

Second Amendment proponents have yet another example that makes Gun Control Advocates uncomfortable. Much like details in the story that can be read here,  A Good Guy With A Gun STOPPED a Bad Guy With A Gun . 

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