Anthony Colandro for NRA Board 2019

New Jersey Gun For Hire founder told the Liberty First Foundation that if elected to the NRA Board he would encourage woman and minority groups to become involved with firearm training and defense.

“I would like to address the minority and female perspective to shooting that I think the NRA lacks in addressing,” said Anthony P. Colandro, owner of Gun For Hire and candidate for National Rifle Association Board of Directors 2019. “My range is the melting pot being so close to New York City.”

Gun For Hire is the first and only family gun range destination in the world, with a high level training division and security operation to support police and security training.

“The range will host over 70 police departments for their training and qualifications in 2019,” said Colandro, who is Vice President of NRA affiliate Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs. “Business has been so successful that a major expansion is underway to triple the size of the facility and when complete it will be the largest commercial range in the United States.”

Since 1992, he said he has been teaching and training others in the use of firearms. “I love to share my passion of safe and responsible firearms ownership with others.” Once people get to the range and try it out, he said his students love it too. “Gun For Hire trains tens of thousands of law abiding citizens each year.”

If elected to the NRA Board, Colandro said he will bring his energy, training and love of firearms to the American people. “We must energize the people in the middle, right now everything is in the extremes and polarized but there is a middle we can grab and educate to win on our side.”

Colandro, who is an NRA Master Training Counselor, is a major contributor to law enforcement as well as civilian causes throughout New Jersey. “Gun For Hire purchased all new firearms and duty rigs for the entire Woodland Park Police department,” said the New Jersey native. “We host and support many, many philanthropic causes throughout the area.”

 Collandro is a strong second amendment and civil rights advocate who can be seen in the State house speaking his mind when needed. He belongs to numerous professional and civic organizations and is very, very active in supporting causes he is passionate about.

“Learning the history of firearms in defense and protection through the ages is my passion,” said Colandro. “The NRA has 5 million members and they are maxed out. In order to build the numbers we must appeal to minorities, and females.”

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