Things Like That Mean a Whole Damn Lot

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to participate in an Urban Rifle training course offered by Sheriff Scott Nichols Sr. and the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department up here in Maine. I’ve known Scott for a little while, with him being the Sheriff of the County I live in, and had previously interviewed him for Liberty First Foundation.

Law Enforcement Is With Us

I took a lot away from my conversation with Sheriff Nichols. It’s clear that he is a man of principle, and he’s not afraid to take a stand and speak his mind. He’s a real asset to us in the state of Maine, and I’m proud that he’s my county Sheriff. Even more important though, right now, is how strong of an advocate he is for the Second Amendment and for our fundamental rights as American citizens. He’s a man you want on your side, and as free American citizens, it’s good to know that he has our back.

Gun control as people control.

Gun control isn’t really about guns. It is about control. It allows the control of individuals by their governments. Today, more and more people feel comfortable that their governments will …


Who We Are. Why We Fight.

This covenant, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights granted certain rights to the newly formed government, instead of to the people. Instead of gifts meted out by a gracious king or governor, the people’s rights were given by their Creator. It was the government that was granted certain well defined and limited rights in service of the people. All at once, as had never happened before, the world’s view of the role of government and individual rights was flipped. What had once been known as The New World had now evolved into a new reality.