Race Relations with Marcus Monroe

Equality will never be experienced in the United States unless we first come together in our communities. Only through united communities can rebuild a united Republic. A united Republic will result in the citizens of that Republic being equal. Marcus Monroe and Michael Marshall discuss what is needed to bring together the Black Community and how Black and White Americans can quit seeing the divide and start to see each other as Americans. Enshrining the principle that ALL PEOPLE ARE CREATED EQUAL.

Reclaiming our Independence

The early days of the United States show a story that unfolded that closely parallels the events of today. Gun-control advocates are working hard to enact legislation that is eerily similar to the laws enacted by the British Crown. Today July 4th, 2017 needs to mark the day that we reclaim our Independence from those that wish to enslave us. Defending the Second Amendment is crucial to preserving that independence.


The Liberty First Foundation needs your help in finding others to join their voices with ours to promote the protection of the rights endowed upon us by our creator. We need you to join us in contacting our elected representatives to let them know that these rights are not theirs for the taking. We have to organize our efforts and join together into one unified thunderous voice defending the people’s right to keep and bear arms. Join me in spreading this message and working to change the way firearms are perceived. Together we can change these perceptions and we can defend our rights.

Challenging the opposition

We need to reevaluate the way we address the arguments that the pro-gun control group is using to promote their agenda to disarm the American Public.  The arguments they are putting forth can easily be rebutted but you have to actually listen to them and then offer an argument that will actually produce some results instead of offering the same old rhetoric.

We Have to Change

The truth of the matter is many of the people that are a part of the gun-grabber movement are scared and they want a solution.  The only solution that they are hearing is from the groups that actively seek to disarm the American people.  We need to be a part of these conversations and we have to present intelligent arguments that will give these scared people a sense of security, solutions that produce real results.

Be a Protector not an Aggressor

If we approach with understanding and genuinely listen to their fears and concerns and address those in a calm, non-threatening manner they will be more likely to listen and more open to understanding.  The more rational we are and the more understanding of them we are the more likely we will be able to influence their position. 

Political Change not a Revolution

The problem with war any war is that when the last shot is fired and the smoke clears the world is forever changed.  It will never be the same as it was before the actions that lead to war.  The countries involved are forever changed and the people are changed.

Limits are Applied to Those Mistrusted

When the government does not trust it citizens in enacts legislation to curtail the citizens. Gun control is the government saying they do not trust the people with guns. Why do they fear people having guns?

The Right of Self-Protection Does Not Discriminate.

The Liberty First Foundation fully believes that the Second Amendment is the protection of a natural right that everyone has. This right of self-protection does not see race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, wealth, status, or anything else.  It doesn’t care if you are a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green Party, Conservative or Liberal.  We all have this natural right and we all deserve to have this right protected from any that wish to deprive us of this right.

Repeal NY SAFEact

Opposition Through Resolution

The Liberty First Foundation and it’s Facebook Group Liberty First Foundation are working to oppose new gun control measures that are being passed across the nation.  Every day we hear …