In light of recent events, I felt it was time to bring out an article that I wrote back in May about bumpstocks.

Oh bump stocks… Bump stocks are stupid and they are a novelty item. But… They are apart of the 2nd Amendment. Just as suppressors, SBRs, SBSs, and AOWs. A ban on the bump stock rewrites the definition of what a machine gun is (machine guns also being apart of the 2nd amendment). Instead of the traditional definition of “one pull of the trigger will cause the firearm to fire until empty” it will now be dependent on fire rate.
Yes, the bumpstock was a work around for an unconstitutional law; but rifles with one still fell into the semi-automatic category.

What will the definition be of a machine gun now? Will it be based on an undetermined rate of fire? Will it be items that can simulate the rate of fire of a machine gun on a semi-auto…? But even then…what would that rate of fire be? As I said in a previous post…with no solid definition as there was they can say…even 20rd mags increase the rate of fire too much, lubrication causes the rate of fire to increase too much, or even a trigger job causes the rate of fire to increase too much.
What is really sad is… You have a bunch of Trump supporters that are blindly pushing for the ban because DJT said, “They’re bad and Obama was wrong to allow them!” So,nope. They shouldn’t be allowed! Then these same people continue to complain about how our rights are being taken away and how the Democrats are the ones wanting to take our rights away.

Here is a reality check for you all… under the Obama administration the ATF allowed bump stocks to be manufactured and sold without any special license or tax stamp not once, not twice, but three times. They also allowed for the use of “pistol braces” on rifle caliber “pistols”; essentially circumventing the NFA’s SBR and SBS rules.Obama himself allowed the military to sell the omilitary’s 1911s to the CMP for citizens to buy. 

I’m not saying that Obama was a great president, I’m not saying he never attacked the 2nd Amendment, or proposed legislation that would cripple our rights. What I am saying though is… as soon as it met opposition he usually dropped it and it died out from what I saw.  Now we have a president that’s going after an accessory for a rifle.

We are all in this together… Even if you only hunt, only want a handgun for self-defense, or you’re fine using a lever-action… We are all in this together. If your fellow gun owners lose the right to own AR-15s, AKs, etc… What will you do when they try to criminalize handguns, shotguns, and bolt action rifles?

P.S. For those shaking their heads saying “They’ll never outlaw lubrication or trigger jobs!”
Well… The ATF did ban shoe strings there for a while..just saying.

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