CZ P-10S – The NEW Release Sub-Compact Pistol Shooters Have Waited For

How this began

CZ-10SIn 2017, gun enthusiasts embraced CZ’s release of the their P-10C handguns. Shooters enjoyed the look, feel, function and accuracy of the CZ P-10C. The fact that CZ came out with a poly-frame striker-fired models didn’t hurt either. Whenever a compact-size handgun is released, people typically ask, when will they produce a sub-compact model?

 CZ brilliantly waived a carrot in front of gun enthusiast’s eyes by posting pictures of two new P-10 models. The CZ P-10F is a full-size handgun that hosts 19 rounds of 9mm. Then there is the  CZ P-10S which is a sub-compact pistol that had people’s heads spinning with excitement. Let us focus on the CZ P-10S for this review.

CZ P-10S – Two Models

CZ-10S reviewThe CZ P-10S comes in two variations, an optic ready and non-optic ready models. The optic ready P-10S has a rear slide cut that will fit a Trijicon RMR or and Leupold Delta Point Pro red-dot optic. It also has a large tritium dot front night sight. The MSRP for the optic ready CZ P-10S is $577 but I have already seen them selling on gunbroker for well over $600. The MSRP for the CZ P-10S that is non-optic ready is $499 which is consistent with the CZ P-10C. I expect to see highly inflated prices initially followed by a slow decrease in price over time.

CZ P-10S Features

The CZ P10S sports a 3.5″ barrel, clean-cut front and rear serrations, an accessory rail, three choices of back-straps, and an incredible 5.25 lb trigger. It comes with two 12 round 9mm magazines. Like every CZ I ever handled, when manipulating the slide, the P-10S felt as smooth as glass. The unloaded weight (with magazine) for the CZ P-10S is 24.75 ounces and when loaded with 12 rounds, it’s weighing in at 29.75 ounces. This was the pistol that many gun enthusiasts have been wanting for years.

Why Choose the CZ P-10S

CZ-10S v Glock 26The CZ P-10S is definitely for the concealed carrier. It has everything a CCW guy or girl would want. Even as we have seen many shooters choose red-dot optics for their carry pistols, the P-10S is equipped to suit their needs. Equally as exciting, the CZ P-10 models are now made in Kansas City Kansas. The fact that many of CZ’s firearms are now being produced in the USA means they won’t be held in customs prior to hitting your local gun store.  Not only does CZ employee hard working Americans to build their firearms but their firearms will be more available to their loyal customers. It’s a “win” all-around.

Check out the video and let us know your thoughts on the CZ P-10S or any of the other CZ handguns. Do you feel the P-10S is a great choice for carry or is it a bunch of hype that will settle down over time?

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