Dwight D. Van Horn For NRA Board 2019

Photo Courtesy: Dwight Van Horn, crime lab in Camp Speicher, Iraq 2009

“My first priority as a member of the NRA Board of Directors has been, and will continue to be, the preservation and expansion of our Second Amendment rights in local, state and federal elections.” Deputy Sheriff Dwight D. Van Horn, Ret.

NRA benefactor life member and board director told Liberty First Foundation that he has NRA in his DNA and is dedicated to the promotion of the Second Amendment, the shooting sports and shooting range development.

“It’s really been a pleasure to serve over five million NRA members,” said Dwight D. Van Horn, an independent firearm examiner and candidate for reelection to the National Rifle Association Board of Directors 2019. “I intend to continue working for the members and strengthening the Second Amendment in this next term.” He said he views his 21-year tenure as an NRA board director as a service to the members.

“I’m not just somebody who wants to get on the board so that I can go to cocktail parties,” he said. “I try to be very responsive to the membership, helping them with things that come up either individually or with clubs.”

Throughout the years, Van Horn, who works with NRA field staff, has been instrumental in bringing NRA Programs to the Pacific Northwest such as; Friends of NRA, NRA National School Shield Program, NRA Women On Target, Eddie Eagle Gun Safe Program and the Refuse To Be A Victim Program.

Dwight Van Horn, National Police Shooting Championship 1996

“When I’m not doing work for the NRA, talking to local clubs and local folks who are NRA members, I’m usually shooting — I’m exercising my Second Amendment rights,” said Van Horn, who is a North Idaho resident. “Competition shooting is what brought me to the NRA in 1976 and I continue to be a strong advocate for competitive shooting under the NRA banner.”

Van Horn, who is a retired Los Angeles County deputy sheriff, describes bump stocks as a “goofy piece of equipment” that he has only used once. However, he said it was not his place to decide whether somebody ought to give up their bump stocks because of the criminal actions of another.

“We have one crime, a heinous crime, that was committed by a lunatic with a couple of bump stocks and now millions of people who already own those bump stocks, can’t have them all of a sudden? That’s wrong,” he said. Bump stocks were used in the September 2017 Las Vegas attack by a sole gunman that left 58 people dead and hundreds of people injured.

“I was not in favor of the NRA’s position on bump stocks,” said Van Horn, who is a member of the Coeur d’Alene Rifle and Pistol Club, Hauser Lake Gun Club, and the Coeur d’Alene Trap and Skeet Club. “I think it’s crazy to outlaw something that’s being used by very few people and misused by one person that we know of.”

Dwight Van Horn demonstrating a Mossberg at Menendez Trial

Van Horn, who also serves on the NRA Whittington Center Board of Trustees, said the never ending flood of lies and untruths that are collectively spread by the left can be corrected by setting the record straight about lawful gun owners. He said anti-gun lawmakers and media outlets such as CBS, NBC and MSNBC are definitely ill-informed.

“When one of these people put out very bad information, it’s immediately followed by all the other liberal news outlets parroting information that’s wrong,” said the avid hunter. “If they just take some time and contact people that know something, they might learn something, instead of causing an echo chamber.”

Van Horn said, “It is the duty of every law abiding gun owner to pay it forward so that future generations will enjoy the same rights, freedoms, traditions and heritage that we do today, if not more.”


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