Glock 43X – Upgraded Glock 43 or Innovative Flop?

The demand of single-stack 9mm’s

The popularity of the lightweight sub-compact handgun has increased significantly over the years. As people train for and apply for their concealed carry permits throughout the country, they often ask, what handgun would suit my needs for reliable shooting and comfortable carrying. The production and demand of single single-stack 9mm handguns has  increased big time by many major firearm manufacturers.

Sub-compactYears back, Smith & Wesson created the M&P Shield, Kahr Arms has the popular PM/CM9 models, Beretta, Sig Sauer, Taurus etc. all made their versions of single stack 9mm handguns. What about Glock? Nothing to speak of.

The original Glock 43 was born

For years, Glock fans requested a single stack 9mm handgun. Glock produced their G42 model in .380 ACP however the 9mm model was just a fantasy. Finally, four years ago, Glock produced their first single-stack 9mm handgun called the Glock 43. Most shooters loved everything about it. The G43 was all Glock (feel and function) in a smaller and lighter single-stack package. There was one problem however, the G43 had a six round magazine.

The Glock 43X is here

Glock 43xFlash forward four years later to January 2019, Glock released two new models called the G43X and the G48. This review will focus on the G43X. The improved Glock 43X increased magazine capacity to 10 rounds of 9mm. It also has a matte “silverish” PVD slide finish and forward slide serrations for those who use press checks. The barrel length, sights, trigger and other mechanics have not been changed from the original Glock 43.

What Glock mainly accomplished with the G43X is increased capacity. Last year, Sig Sauer released their sub-compact P365. They were able to pack in 10 rounds of 9mm into a micro-sized pistol. Many people wondered, how will Glock respond? There is no question in my mind, the Glock 43X is Glock’s answer to the Sig Sauer P365.

Brilliant move by Glock?

When Glock releases a new model, the critics rise up and run down Glock’s lack of innovation. Most Glock fans love the simple and effective design. They claim that Glock produces the most reliable handgun on the planet and trust a Glock pistol with their life. Yet, they want innovation. In my opinion, the Glock 43X is an upgraded model from the original Glock 43. They solved the low capacity issue by offering 10 round magazines without overly increasing the size of the pistol.  

Check out the table and range videos for the Glock 43X and let us know your thoughts on it. Do you own a Glock 43X or Glock 48?


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