Glock VS CZ “Handgun Showdown”

For a while now, I’ve been running a video series called, “Handgun Showdown.” I’ve enjoyed aligning two manufacturers against each other while leaving the results in the hands of the viewers. The viewers write comments about which company they feel makes the better handguns. Each time I do this, I realize how diverse people are with their choices. I never know how the final results will shake out.

This “Handgun Showdown” features Glock versus CZ. I intentionally matched these two companies against each other because they produce various models that are not consistently similar. They both have huge followings of people who swear their company is the better manufacturer. 

Glock supporters (known as Glock fanboys) enjoy the reliability and ruggedness of Glock pistols. They don’t care much about aesthetics or beauty. Functioning properly in any condition is what’s most important. They enjoy strong aftermarket support as well. It’s nothing for them to buy a stock Glock pistol and swap out the sights, trigger, magazine and slide release. Glocks are simple to work on with incredibly reliability. Shooters carry Glock pistols with confidence and enjoy the longer slide Glocks for competition. Many Glock shooters feel no need to experiment with any other handguns besides Glock. 

On the other hand, CZ has a large following as well. The CZ 75 models are among the most popular and copied handguns in the world. Trusted by military and law enforcement throughout the world, the many CZ 75 models are trusted and proven firearms. CZ jumped head first into the polymer frame striker-fire world with the CZ P-10 series. Shooters love the precise machining and incredible accuracy CZ pistols deliver. CZ produces a wide variety of handguns that shooters trust with carry, competition and collection purposes. A quality CZ pistol is like a showpiece with amazing longevity.

Which of these manufacturers do you feel makes the best handguns? Do you prefer Glock or CZ? Check out the video attached and let us know your thoughts and experiences with these two companies.

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