Guns in Oil


M-16A1 and the Constitution

Once in a while we come across someone that not only has a particular passion for firearms, but an extraordinary talent for showing them for what they really are…Pieces of Art.

Some time ago, we learned of Randall Sappington.  What drew our attention to him was a couple of posts in the “Religion of Arms” Facebook group.  What appeared to be staged photographs of Historical Firearms were actually paintings….his paintings.  Once we knew what it was that we were looking at, we were blown away.

Randall manages to capture in his brush strokes, the beauty and the mechanical genius of firearms that many of us take for granted. The fit, finish, form, each unique to their own design and manufacturer.  Whether it be a Single Action Army Colt, 1911, Mosin Revolver, or a Trapdoor Springfield…each of them is a testament to the talent of their designer.  Randal captures that talent, combines it with his own, mixes in some oil and puts it on canvas.

While not “photo-realistic”, they are visually stunning and instantly recognizable. He manages to capture the spirit of the gun in a way that a photograph cannot.  Unlike a photograph, each of his paintings has its own unique flavor. Perspective, simulated light source, and an almost tactile appearance, every painting stands alone.

AK-47 PaintingThompson Sub-Machine Gun Painting

When speaking to Randall, we learned that in addition to his love of firearms, he is an avid connoisseur of all things history.  When not working, hiking with his family, or painting, he spend much of his time buried in books, so he can better explain and defend the importance of the Second Amendment.   He uses his art and knowledge of history to provoke conversation, educate the ill-informed and represent himself and the 2A community.

IDF Uzi PaintingUS Small Arms Painting

What Randall is doing with his immense talent is stepping into a world that is occupied predominantly by people who are of a completely different mindset. When someone thinks of artists, they don’t immediately equate that mental image with someone that is not only an advocate for the Second Amendment, but an avid collector and practitioner. Randall is confronting social norms by venturing into the artisan community, representing 2 passions the are rarely seen traveling together….and he is representing both very well.

For more information on how you can own one of these paintings, or commission one of your own, visit Randall on Facebook at Firearms on Canvas

If you would like to have one of Randall’s paintings displayed in another medium, such as a Shirt, Coffee Mug, Blanket, Pillow, Randall can make that happen as well.

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