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I had the honor of interviewing John Lowe owner of JLowes’s GunsJLowe’s Guns is one of our business partners and we are working with them to provide our members with a 5%-10% discount on any of their many products.  JLowe’s Guns is located in Northeast Maryland and has a very large selection of handguns, long guns, knives, and accessories from a wide variety of manufacturers.  If you need gun related merchandise be sure to give JLowe’s Guns a call and tell them that the Liberty First Foundation sent you.

As one of our sponsors John has provided a Glock OEM Range Kit for us to giveaway.  Make sure to check the Religion of Arms Facebook group for details for this giveaway.Glock OEM Range Kit

Gun Display JLowe's Guns
Some of the many items available at JLowe’s Guns
What is JLowes Guns?

JLowe’s Guns is not just a “store. It is a concept. While we provide retail and online services, we also try to connect with the individuals behind the sale.

How do you try to connect with individuals behind the sales?

In general terms, we can get an understanding of what the individual’s needs are based on their requests. It’s just as important as to why they are buying a firearm or other item than what that item is.

Why did you start JLowes?

In all honesty, I started JLowe’s Guns to keep myself busy and active in the 2A community. From there, we began to grow into a larger platform and started branching out.

Why is the Second Amendment important to you?
Dustin Neel Manager JLowe's Guns
Dustin Neel Manager JLowe’s Guns

It’s important to me as it is a right granted to us by the Constitution. Over the years, I have watched gun control activists consistently get legislation passed that infringe upon that right.

How do you think we can change the current perceptions about guns and the Second Amendment?

We have to start by making people aware of how they are losing their Constitutional rights. It is also necessary for us to maintain due diligence in showing a unified front. Oftentimes there are fractions and divides between some of the messages that different pro 2A put out. I think this hurts the 2A community as a whole.

Why did you reach out to the Liberty First Foundation and Religion of Arms?

I saw that the Liberty First Foundation and Religion of Arms had common interest with JLowe’s Guns. By mutually supporting each other, we have the ability to help a larger group of people and bring that group into focus of some of the most important issues.

Jonathan Lowe Owner JLowe's Guns
John Lowe Owner JLowe’s Guns
How do you see JLowes and Liberty First working together to help change the current perceptions people have about gun rights?

Together we will have a larger audience that we can deliver a clear and unified message to. We need to inform those who are unaware of the anti-gun movement and solidify those in the 2A community to present a united front.

What are your future plans for JLowes Guns?

To continue to provide competitive pricing and a high level of customer service while providing support, guidance and a solid knowledge base to consumers. While at the same time, using JLowe’s Guns to as an avenue to support the 2A community.

Additional information
A few more items for purchase at JLowe's Guns
A few more items for purchase at JLowe’s Guns

I also feel very strongly about gun safety issues. Firearms that are not properly secured/stored tend to be overlooked issue at times. According to Aftermath.com “In the United States, over 1.69 million kids age 18 and under are living in households with loaded and unlocked firearms.  I feel it is the duty of every responsible firearm owner to help reduce this number.

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  1. Jim Smith Reply

    John is a thoughtful and respected shop owner. You will find that the shop staff will work with the purchaser and answer any questions they may have. I was there one time when a man came in with “internet smarts” and John personally sat down and explained the truth about the pistol the customer was interested in purchasing. That customer bought from John and continues to buy from John. I use JLowe’s Guns for ALL of my purchases. If he doesn’t have it in stock, it just takes a few days and I’m doing the paperwork for another purchase. Great shop. You can’t go wrong with JLowe’s Gun.

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