KelTec CP33 – A Weird Looking / Cool Pistol that Carries 33 Rounds

When I visited the KelTec showroom during Shot Show 2019, I witnessed the weirdest looking pistol I have seen in a long time. It was called the KelTec CP33. I quickly became impressed as I read its brochure. I learned that the CP stands for “Competition Pistol” and the 33 means that it has magazines that carry 33 rounds. Immediately I thought to myself, “this is a liberal politician’s nightmare.” For that fact alone, I loved it. The more I held the pistol, asked questions and learned about its features, I knew I had to have a KelTec CP33.

How is the KelTec CP33 different?

The KelTec CP33 has a unique design that many consider advantageous. It has a polymer lower and an aluminum upper receiver. The overall length of the pistol is 10.5 inches. The sight radius is a whopping nine inches. The entire top of the upper receiver is a slotted 1913 Picatinny rail. In place of a cycling slide, the CP33 uses a charging handle and an internal bolt carrier group (like a rifle). It has an adjustable orange fiber optic rear sight and a neon green fiber optic front sight. At the range, the sight picture is superior to any handgun I have fired.

Did you say 33 round magazine?

KelTec uses what they call a “quad stack” magazine. It actually loads 33 rounds of .22 long rifle. I mentioned on video that whoever invented that magazine is a genius and I stand by that statement. The 33 round, clear mags, load quite easily. By pushing each round down with your thumb and guiding it into place, the CP33 loads rather quick. Of course, the pistol fires quicker so thankfully KelTec supplies two 33 round magazines in the case.

Incredible features, what else?

The KelTec CP33 has a 5.5-inch threaded barrel that allows the shooter to use a suppressor. The accuracy of the 5.5-inch barrel gives is amazing. There is an MLok slot below the dust cover that allows the shooter to mount a rail for a light or a laser. It has an ambidextrous thumb safety which is needed due to the lightweight trigger pull.






BARREL LENGTH              5.5″

1/2-28 TPI
1 in 14″

Did the reviewer even shoot it?

The KelTec CP33 has a single action trigger that measures three pounds upon the pull. The trigger is incredibly light which also adds to its amazing accuracy. If you watch the video below, you will notice how well I consistently hit my targets. The CP33 was a joy to shoot. I added a suppressor on the threaded barrel and it performed exactly as intended. The sight picture was amazing. Just align the sights and shoot away.

Many people asked if I had any issues with the KelTec CP33. For the most part, the pistol performed excellently. I had a couple of feeding issues initially but nothing to complain about. It is common to experience a few issues with a new gun out of the box. I am very pleased with the KelTec CP33. The pistol looks strange but it shoots nice. The MSRP is $475 however it is hard to find. I saw it on gunbroker selling for over $650. My advice is to wait until the CP33 is more available with a price closer to the MSRP.

Check out the attached videos and let us know your thoughts and experiences with the KelTec CP33 or any other KelTec firearm.

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