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This week I was able to talk with Kevin Dixie owner of No Other Choice Firearms Training LLC.  I first found out about Kevin through a podcast I was listening to that he was a guest on.  As I listened to that podcast I heard a gentleman explaining that we are members of a community first and the gun owner is just a part of who we are as a part of that community.  He explained that we needed to present ourselves and who we are and quit trying to force the conversation about guns.  I continued to listen and I was more and more impressed and it was then that I decided I needed to find out more about this guy.

Starting as everyone does I googled Kevin Dixie and I found a lot of videos about him all over YouTube and the internet.  As I watched a few of these videos I decided I needed to reach out to this person for an interview.  I was not disappointed.

Kevin responded back very quickly to my request for an interview and we set the time.  I will not go into a lot about the interview because that is what the video is for.  I will, however, discuss some of my takeaways from the interview.

Be Yourself

One of the biggest things that we discussed was having conversations and not being afraid of having the hard conversations that are needed.  These conversations can start many different ways but the biggest point that Kevin made was “just be yourself” let people get to know who you are.  From that, the conversation will naturally determine the course it needs to take.

Know your History

The Truth and the Truth CThe Truth and Truth C are the first guns to fight gun control.  They have stories that start the hard conversations that need to be held about our past.  Conversations about why the Second Amendment is so crucial to our future as a nation.  These guns can be used to discuss the roots of where gun control comes from and the true intent of gun control.

Gun laws are based in hatred and racism.  Historical moments like BLACK WALL STREET will expose the lies and make non-believers conform to the TRUTH.

-Kevin Dixie made a gorgeous video to showcase these guns and the history that inspired them.  You can find out more about these events by researching Black Wall Street, Moses Dickson, and the Knights of Liberty.

Make Yourself Uncomfortable

The Truth and The Truth COne of the things that Kevin states in the interview is to put yourself in uncomfortable situations where you can speak the truth about gun control.  When you are presenting why gun control is oppressive do so in a manner that is calm and collected.  Make sure that you use facts that can not be disputed.  Know your position and the truth supporting your position.  Present your information with the purpose of educating and informing and not attacking.  Help people to grow and expand their knowledge even if it makes them and you uncomfortable.

I’m gun control’s worst nightmare.  Because I’m the inconvenient BLACK TRUTH.

-Kevin Dixie


You can find Kevin through the No Other Choice website at on Facebook at, on Twitter at, and on YouTube at  Also, look for his podcast Aiming for the Truth.

Get Involved

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