Loren Culp Constitutional Cop

When Washington State passed I-1639 one Chief of Police rose to defend the Constitution. Republic Police Chief Loren Culp defied the Washington State Attorney General that was pushing extreme gun-control measures through a citizen’s initiative. I-1639 made many people felons overnight. Loren Culp took a stand against this egregious assault on rights protected by the Washington State Constitution and the Consitution of the United States.

In his best-selling book American Cop: Upholding the Constitution and Defending Your Right to Bear Arms Loren details the responsibilities and authority of Law Enforcement officers everywhere. His belief that the Oath taken when becoming a Law Enforcement Officer binds you to protect the rights of the citizens that you serve, even if that defies a law believed to be unconstitutional.

I had to opportunity to video conference with Loren Culp and to discuss his position on I-1639 and his bid to become Governor for the State of Washington. We had a great discussion about what happened with I-1639 and how that led to him running for Governor. In our discussion, we talked about how our country is becoming less the Constitutional Republic and more a Country ran by elitists that believe that they no longer have to answer to the Constitution and the Oath they took.

You can find out more about Loren Culp and his bid for Governor of the State of Washington by checking out his website at http://www.culpforgovernor.com/, his Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/CulpforGovernor/, or his Twitter account at @LorenCulp.

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