Maj Toure – Black Guns Matter

Maj Toure - Black Guns MatterIf you are involved with the Second Amendment and you ask who is one of the leaders promoting the Second Amendment in Urban areas the name Maj Toure will come up.  I had the honor of interviewing this urban activist and the passion he has for the urban communities he speaks in is undeniable.

Maj Toure founded Black Guns Matter as a way to educate Urban America about guns and gun rights.  This was an area that he felt was severely lacking and a place where he felt he could make a difference.  The ever-increasing assault on our rights caused Maj to get involved and to work to make a difference.  The communities that he works in are the ones that tend to be forgotten by conservatives.  Maj is changing that and he is changing the minds and hearts of those in the urban areas.

Black Guns Matter EducationYou can find out more about Maj Toure and Black Guns Matter at  If you want to pay it forward and help Maj continue educating people in the densely populated areas of this country you can do so at or you can support his mission by getting some cool shirts from his site at





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