NEW Kahr Handguns for 2019

Why Kahr Arms

I have always been a fan of Kahr Arms handguns. They produce some of the smallest and lights pistols in today’s market. The reliability and craftsmanship of the Kahr models instills the confidence I need when carrying my Kahr P9 everyday. There is just something about that smooth double-action trigger that consistently keeps me coming back to Kahr Arms.

Kahr PM9 Covert

Kahr Arms PM9 CovertThis year’s Shot Show, Kahr Arms featured a series of new handguns for 2019. Let’s start with the Kahr PM9 Covert. The PM9 Covert has the same upper assembly as the popular Kahr PM9. It uses a three inch match grade barrel, three-dot night sights and the same spring/guide rod assembly that reduces recoil. The “Covert” model extends the grip and expands the magazine to fit sever rounds opposed to six rounds. It also allows for three finger contact when gripping the pistol. The Kahr PM9 is Kahr’s most popular model but I think this PM9 Covert may surpass it as Kahr’s number one model.

Kahr K9 25th Anniversary Model

Kahr K9 25th AnniversaryKahr also introduced their 25th anniversary K9 model. They took an all steel frame Kahr K9 and machined a beautiful laser cut slide to commemorate 25 years in business. This all black model has front slide serrations with “25” engraved along with angled lightening cuts on the top. They went with aluminum grips with a unique texture with “Kahr” imprinted across. The K9 25th anniversary model made beauty and function in one. Kahr fans need not worry, the trigger pull and performance has not changed from the original Kahr models.

Magnum Research M380

Magnum Research M380The Kahr Firearms Group also produced a Magnum Research M380. They used a Kahr CT frame (with the Magnum Research logo) and created it’s own version of a sleek .380 ACP pistol. Known for it’s detailed custom work, Magnum Research sparred no expense with the M380. It has a gold trigger, slide-stop, magazine base-plate and engraving. The slide has “diamond-like” serrations through out the slide with lightening holes in the for-end. This pistol is one sharp eye-catching model that gun enthusiasts will love.

Video of the new models

I will let the video do the talking so you can see for yourself the incredible work performed by Kahr Arms. Be sure to let us know your thoughts and experiences with these models or any other Kahr handguns.

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