NEW Steyr A2 MF Handgun – You Gotta See This

I’ve been waiting, what is it?

Steyr unveiled their new pistol at Shot Show that many gun enthusiasts were anticipating. It’s called the Steyr A2 MF (modular frame). This new model from Steyr offers shooters to personally customize the grip to fit their hand-size. Shooters can now inter-change various sizes of grip panels and back-straps to suit the perfect grip for them. Add to that, Steyr added more aggressive texturing for a firm purchase that increases control of the pistol when shooting.

What else is improved?

Other improved features include an extended beaver-tail, a full-size pictinny rail on the dust cover, a serialized trigger component group and after-market support. I happen to be a fan of Steyr’s trapezoidal sights however other’s prefer the traditional three-dot sight system. Steyr has been working with after-market companies to offer that option to their customers.

No major overhaul

Die-hard Steyr fans need not worry because the trigger pull, internal components, 17 round mags and disassemble process has not changed. The A2 MF is not an overall makeover but an improved version of an already outstanding pistol. The new models will be available in the C, M and L series of Steyr pistols. At this point, it is difficult to determine when the new models will be available in your local gun store but trust me, it will be worth the wait. Steyr hit a home run with the A2 MF and shooters will be pleased with the new options.

Now what?

I look forward to getting the Steyr A2 MF in my hands for a more detailed review. I plan to show you side by side the improvements and advantages of the new model. Most exciting will be getting this to the range to get a true feel of the custom-fit grip and extended beaver-tail. I shoot Steyr pistols very well and have high expectations for the A2 MF.

Watch the video

Check out the Shot Show video below to see first-hand the new model and what it offers. If you are a fan of Steyr handguns, you will love the improvements and like me, running to the gun store to pick it up.

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