Official Endorsement, Mark Robinson, Lt. Governor N.C.

The Liberty First Foundation, while making clear statements on the political debates of the day, it has never been our practice to openly endorse a particular political candidate.   We have always felt the the voters should be engaged, informed, and active enough to understand which political candidate best represents their own interests as well as the interests of the nation as a whole.  By staunchly opposing or supporting a particular position, we have make it very clear where we (as an organization) stand on the issues of the day, and leave it to the masses to decide for themselves.

However, these are not ordinary times, and Mark Robinson is not your ordinary politician.

Mr. Robinson burst onto the scene about 18 months back while addressing his city council in Greensboro N.C.  His impassioned plea pertaining to the second amendment instantly became a rallying cry, not only for the residents of his home state of North Carolina, but to a nation full of Second Amendment Supporting Americans.  Mark, who is self admittedly not your typical “gun guy”, spoke to the heart of the matter when his county was debating the “Red Flag” laws, or as we call them, “Gun Confiscation Orders”.

While we could tell you what he said, we would instead like you to watch the video.


With that being said, Mark is not just a Second Amendment Advocate, he is a Constitutionalist that understands, and without fear, addresses many of the problems we face today…not only in the political arena, but as a society.  He is not afraid to address education, immigration, family, race relations, economics, or “reproductive rights”.  He takes these issues on, one by one and offers a common-sense solution for each.  He makes no excuses, takes the heat, and stands his ground.  Even those who oppose his ideas have come to respect his straight-forward, no-nonsense approach.  Those that oppose him, while not sharing his viewpoints, understand that he is not putting his finger to the wind to see which way the wind is blowing, but rather that his positions are principled, well thought-out, and heart-felt.

Now, we have reached out to several of the other candidates that are running for Lt. Governor so that we could also get a sense of who they are, what they stand for…sadly, we have not received a response.  While some might say that we are offering an endorsement based on the availability of the candidate, it is worth noting that that is something you should EXPECT from someone who will represent you.  You should want someone who responds to your concerns, speaks to your community, and is never so far away from the citizenry that they can no longer relate TO their community.

Sadly, the position of Lt. Governor does not come with much more than a soapbox.  There is very little legislative authority that can be exercised without the power of the pen.  However, if Mark Robinson is the man standing atop that soapbox, you can be rest assured that the voice, and concerns of the people will be well heard. With that, the Liberty First Foundation is PROUD to give our full endorsement to Mr. Mark Robinson for the office of Lt. Governor of North Carolina.


To learn more about Mr. Robinson, and why we have decided to endorse him, please visit his website at

For all of the election information, please visit,_2020


Below is a candid, one-on-one we did with Mark at the Moore County Wildlife and Conservation Club in Carthage N.C.


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