Op-Ed – Missouri Rep says, “You MUST Buy an AR15”

Gun Grabber Diane FeinsteinEach time an anti-gun politician gets in front of a microphone and spews out ignorance and stupidity about gun laws, my stomach turns. Their over-used and unfounded rhetoric gives me explosive diarrhea. These people do no research, study nothing and regurgitate the same nonsense the mainstream media reports. The mainstream media reporters are even more ignorant than the politicians but that’s a different debate for a different time. The fact is, both the anti-gun politicians and the mainstream media haven’t taken the time to learn the facts about firearms and protection therefore they believe and report incredibly stupid and false information.

As ignorant liberals spout off their anti-gun make believe fallacies, pro-gun Missouri State Representative Andrew McDaniel wrote a bill that would mandate the purchase of an AR15. All Missouri residents between the ages of 18 – 34 would have one year to purchase an AR15 rifle. The state would even offer a tax credit that the purchaser can use to deduct against their income. The bill is called the McDaniel Militia Act. It also requires people over the age of 21 to own a handgun. Is this crazy? No, it’s brilliant and this is why.

Representative McDaniel and many of us “normal” people are tired of the absurdity taking place with firearm ownership in our country. We are exhausted watching and listening to nit-wit politicians trample on our protected 2nd Amendment right. The fact is, we don’t believe the rhetoric that a 911 call will save us from danger. We don’t believe that all of our fellow citizens, and many here illegally, are law-abiding and good-natured people. We don’t believe that elitist politicians or Hollywood blowhards understand the “reality” of crime in the world. And, we certainly don’t believe that these numb skulls should dictate to us about what means we use to protect our families. I and millions of red-blooded Americans will never outsource that responsibility.

Representative McDaniel understands this bill will never see the light of day. Currently, there are no co-sponsors and no scheduled time for debate on the McDaniel Militia Act. The goal here is to point out the absurdity of the left and their anti-gun rhetoric. It highlights their calls for banning guns, ammunition, and gear. McDaniel intentionally sticks this bill in the eye of the liberal left who spends their time confused on which bathroom they use while lecturing the rest of us about guns. According to this author, “Mission Accomplished.”

The information in this article are the views of TheFirearmGuy and not necessarily the views of The Liberty First Foundation. Watch the video for information.

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