The framers of the Constitution set out to unite a country. They knew that the many States would not last and the quest for liberty would be lost. Our Republic is currently experiencing a loss of liberty due to the division we see today. Our elected representatives are no longer working for We the People but they work for the party they represent. These parties are set to be diametrically opposed to each other. This is intentional because if the people are divided then the people are more easily controlled.

The framers knew that America would submit to tyranny if the people continued to be divided. That is why the framers worked to unite the states with the Constitution. One Nation…Indivisible. The Constitution allowed the States to remain sovereign while being united for a common purpose. Today we are no longer united but we are divided and as our division grows the calls for more restrictions on the liberties this country was founded upon grow louder.

The Liberty First Foundation knows that this Republic was founded upon principles of the rights of the people and the unity of a Nation. We seek to restore the rights of the individual while uniting the communities across this Nation. By uniting our communities and working with them to lessen their dependence upon higher levels of government we can start to restore the liberties that have been lost. This is the path to restoring the Constitution and the rights of the individual.

Our Vision is to unite the American People. The only way to do this is to first start with uniting our communities. Once, our communities are united we have to start working to educate the people in these communities that the answer to the issues they face is found within the community and not through the government. As long as our communities are reliant on the government for the solutions they will be at the mercy of the government.

The current situation that we find ourselves in is that our communities are extremely reliant on government programs to pay for various programs from law enforcement to education. As long, as our communities are reliant on this funding they can be controlled by the government and forced to abide by the laws, rules, and regulations that the government set even if they hurt the community. IF they attempt to rebel against egregious laws set by the government then those in government can force compliance by withholding funds. Even when these laws unconstitutionally grant powers to the government and restricts the power of the people.

The Liberty First Foundation seeks to change this by building our communities through unification and self-reliance. By educating the people about the Constitution and the intent of the founders of this Nation we can start to change how people see the role of government. Once the role of government is put into the proper perspective then the people can start to govern themselves. This will result in communities that prosper instead of regressing. Communities that promote freedom of the individual.