Range Day 2019

So it begins

The Liberty First Foundation is organizing the first ever National Range Day.  This is being done to help introduce people to the firearm community and firearms.  The current misconceptions being spread about firearms and firearm owners must be challenged.  The truth about firearms needs to be spread in our communities.

The Religion of Arms Facebook Group was founded as a way for pro-gun people to join together in a common cause to protect the Second Amendment.  As this group grew it was realized that this was an organization that could be used to change the perceptions people have about firearms.  From that concept the Liberty First Foundation was born.

Update on progress

A lot has happened since the founding of the Religion of Arms and the Liberty First Foundation.  Frank Johnson and Michael Marshall talk about all that has happened since these organizations were founded and some of the plans for the future.  A lot has happened since the founding of these organizations.  We have developed new friendships.  Additional Pro-Second Amendment organizations and been launched.  But the most important thing is some of our members are taking action to fight for the Second Amendment and gun-rights.

As we move forward as an organization we have to realize that organizations are just that.  They organize people for a common cause.  The Liberty First Foundation is such an organization and we are working to organize our members to take action.  It is only through our members that we will be successful and through them action can be taken.

One of the things we all have to realize is we are the only one’s that can protect our rights.  Organizations like the NRA, 2AF and the Liberty First Foundation are just that.  They organize people for a common goal or purpose.  In this case that purpose is gun-rights.  Everyone has an inherent right to self-defense and as individuals it is up to us to protect that right for ourselves.

Get Involved

We join organizations to work towards that common goal.  The organization organizes our efforts to reach that goal.  However, if the members of that organization do nothing then the goal will not be reached.  We have to take action we have to work with in the organizations that we belong to or the efforts will be lost.

With out the work of the members these organizations cannot accomplish the goals they have set.  They become ineffective.  Only when people take action can the goals be realized and accomplished.  Another important role members provide is helping to set the goals for the organization.

How you can help

One of the ways that you can get involve in the Liberty First Foundation is to help us find host ranges for the National Range Day.  In the comments or reach out to any of the founding members and let them know about ranges that you believe would be a great addition to this first ever event.  The more host ranges we have participating the better this event will be and the more people we will be able to reach.  You can send information to the event email at [email protected].  Please include information about who to contact and how to contact the range you are suggesting.

Remember it is only when you get involved that we are successful.  If you want to contribute financially to our cause you can do so through our Ko-Fi account or you can purchase some of our many items through out store on tee-spring at https://teespring.com/stores/religion-of-arms.

Get involved and let us know in the comments what other events you would like to see the Liberty First Foundation organize in the future.

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