Repeal I-1639

I-1639 gun control by ballotThe mid-term elections are over and in Washington State that means some new laws are going to be enacted after the fist of the year.  Initiative I-1639 was passed by 60% of the vote.  Even though that seems like a large margin it is actually a very small part of the population of Washington State.  This initiative has resulted in several organizations working to repeal I-1639 due to its questionable constitutionality.

Taking action to Repeal I-1639

One group working diligently to repeal I-1639 is Silent No More Repeal 1639.  This group was started by Radona Grossman-Devereaux shortly after the mid-term elections and has been working on a counter initiative to stop I-1639 and get it taken off the Washington State Law books.

I-1639 new definition for semi-automatic assault rifleI had the honor of speaking with Radona about her organization and the initiative that she is drafting.  This hard changing woman is educating herself about the initiative process and is becoming well known in the political circle around the State of Washington.

Rather than going on I will let Radona speak for herself and explain what she and her organization are doing to fight against those that wish to infringe on our right to self-protection.

Learn From Other’s Examples

We need to learn from Radona and understand  that we cannot wait for organizations like the NRA, GOA, 2AF, or any other organization to fight for our rights.  You have to take responsibility for your rights as an individual. We must start taking a stand against those trying to deny us of our rights.

I-1639 get involvedFreedom is not free and it has a high cost associated with it.  If we want this country to remain free we must be willing to pay that price.  Politicians like Bob Ferguson will take that freedom away if we allow them to.  The laws that I-1639 enacted had been stalled or defeated in the Washington Legislature due to their questionable Constitutionality.  The resulting initiative is a way that the anti-gun groups are using to attempt to bypass the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Washington.

We cannot allow this to happen.  Each of us needs to get involved.  We have to realize protecting the rights we hold dear is up to us.  Organizations are there to organize their members to take action.  Those members need to get involved and start taking a stand.

Get Involved

The Liberty First Foundation  is such and organization.  We can organize actions to take back our rights but if our members are not willing to do what it takes to insure that we win these fights then we are helpless to take action.  Your involvement in the organizations that you support is crucial to stop the theft our inherent rights.

Get involved today.  Help support the Liberty First Foundation by liking this post and sharing it across social media.  Help us to organize events to take a stand and right to have our rights returned.  You can donate to this cause through our Ko-Fi page.  You can show your support by buying merchandise from our store.  This fight is not going away the question is will you get involved before it is too late?

Silent No More Repeal 1639 can be found on Facebook and at

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