Situational Awareness…Blissfully ignorant.

As seasoned Second Amendment practitioners, we’ve gotten older, wiser, and better trained.  We find ourselves to be increasingly more aware of our surroundings, actively assessing potential threats, possible exits, and positions for cover and concealment.  Wherever you go, you’re looking for that spot where, if the need arose,  provides a strategic advantage. You probably also turn a keen eye to the individuals in your midst….which ones look otherwise preoccupied, which ones look like they might be able to handle themselves, and of course…which of these people look ‘sketchy’.

While it may sound like a touch of paranoia, but in reality, it is more primal.  It’s instinctual…and it’s quite responsible as well.

When the decision was made to be your own first responder, several other  commitments were also made.  You decided to be more aware of people, places, and threats, not only to you but to those in your vicinity. This heightened sense of “Situational Awareness” is part of being prepared.  That nifty sidearm of yours isn’t going to be worth that much to you (or anyone else) if you don’t see potential threats heading your direction. You should know your surroundings well enough to use them to your advantage if (and when) a threat should arrive.

I know it is impossible for any of us to be on point and at the ready every minute of the day.  None of us can predict the future, see through walls, or know just who a bad-guy is just by looking at him. Our lack of superhuman abilities should not be the reason to capitulate any of our tactical or strategic advantages.

As I write this, I am having lunch.  There are 17 other people in the building, each occupied with some various musing.  There are 10 women, and 7 men.  I can physically see each of them from my vantage point.  From where I am sitting, this is what I see…

Eight have their eyes glued on their smart phone. One has his newspaper completely covering his entire field of vision. One woman has spent 5 minutes picking the chicken chunks out of her salad. Her husband has been occupied feeding their baby in the stroller next to him. The remaining 5 people are in behind the counter…one at the drive-thru, one at the register and 3 processing orders.  Not one person, for the last 10, minutes has lifted their head long enough to assess their surroundings.  Nobody other than me, noticed the man walk in, and check the garbage pails for soda cans.  Three teenagers came in, waited for five uneventful minutes before leaving…only one person noticed them.

There could be a goat screaming at the top of it’s lungs , and not a single person would take notice.  Well…with one exception.

This is a bit of a double-edged sword.  It must be nice to feel comfortable and safe enough to have little or no concern of potential dangers.  But on the other hand it’s disheartening to think that out of the 18 people here, only one of us has any chance of fighting back should someone with ill intent unexpectedly reveal themselves.  It makes me uneasy to know that so many are blissfully unaware and ill prepared.

Now, I may be reading too much into the readiness or posture of the people around me. Perhaps the current assessment is incorrect. There could be a dozen armed , trained, and skilled individuals in here right now. Perhaps a wrongfully convicted fugitive commando unit that escaped from a maximum security stockade and immersed themselves into the Upstate New York underground. Hell, each may be eluding the government, surviving as  soldiers of fortune.  To the best of my knowledge, it might be these guys…

However….something tells me I’m the only one in here with any situational awareness, and that is more unsettling than the potential threats of today’s society.


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Here is a real life example of how “Situational Awareness” can save lives…

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