Streamlight MicroStream Review

Streamlight MicroStream

The Quarter Pocket Light

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Shortly after giving a friend my Streamlight Stylus Pro, I realized that I was missing an important part of my EDC, a not-so-bright light that I can just pull out fast for inspection purposes. I had already been looking at the MicroStream due to it’s size and price; for $15 and Streamlight’s reputation how could one go wrong?

Flashlight Overview

The Streamlight MicroStream comes to you in clam-shell packaging with a battery, a lanyard, and some information on the packing itself. The light itself comes equipped with an S-Clip which allows you to clip it to your baseball cap. The rubberized activation button on the tail can be removed for easier use, but you do sacrifice the water resistance of the system.

Body Material: Anodized Aluminum
Activation: Click button on the rear.
Light tap for temporary on
Push until click for constant.
Battery Type: AAA
Run Time: 2.25 hours
Bulb Type: C4 LED
Lumen Output: 45
Candela Output: 420
Height: 3.6 inches
Diameter: 1.5 centimeter (not including clip)
Weight: 1.1 ounces

The Review

The Streamlight MicroStream is very small light that comes with a decent enough output, paired with an excellent run time. Unlike it’s larger sibling the Stylus Pro though, the light does fade away quickly at smaller distances. For a lightweight EDC pocket light though, it does impress for $15. I still don’t get how the lanyard pairs with the light though… if you do let me know over on Facebook!

The MicroStream is IPX4 rated and has been drop tested to 1 meter, which isn’t too bad considering the price and the size of this little work horse. I have unfortunately gotten to test both of these ratings out and I can confirm that they are indeed accurate. My MicroStream has been dropped a handful of times onto concrete and tile without as much as a mark on the light.

In terms of carrying, the MicroStream more or less disappears in my quarter pocket, which is it’s new home. The clip isn’t so tight that it tugs your pants coming out, but it is tight enough that it isn’t going to walk itself out willy-nilly. The light brightness is just right for being able to inspect stuff indoors. It’s also bright enough to see what’s 12-15ft in front of you, but past that it suffers the same blight that are tiny lights do.

I will say though that the hat clip portion of the S-Clip is a little bit disappointing. It can be a pain to get it attached the first time and remains slightly stretched after it comes off the hat it was attached to.




The MicroStream is an interesting cookie for me to give my insight on. The size, weight, output, and run time are impressive for the size of this light, that’s for certain. I’m just not sure I 100% love this light for some “me” reasons. I have always had an issue with small EDC gear disappearing on me, I lost my original MicroStream for this reason.

Is it an awesome light? Most definitely, yes. Is it an awesome option for those wanting something extremely lightweight with a decent output/size ratio? Without a doubt. For me? It’s a good option until I lose the second one (fingers crossed that doesn’t happen!).

Pick up a Streamlight MicroStream HERE

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