Liberty Is Not A Political Position

What is your political position? To answer this question, it requires you to examine your personal beliefs and assign a label to yourself. The world in which we live is full of labels. Words intended to define everything known to man. And in the realm of politics, there is no shortage of adjectives available to describe the different forms of government employed in various countries around the globe, the political parties that exist and operate within the framework of those governments and the personal political ideologies of the citizens who live under them.

The Most Hated 27 Words in America

In 2018, if you are afraid of firearms, you most likely believe that the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution contains 27 of the most hated words in America. But, if you are a freedom-loving, patriotic American who believes in the Bill of Rights, you embrace these words, and others, that describe the individual civil rights which have been enshrined in the Constitution as having been endowed to us by our Creator, not the government.

Reclaiming our Independence

The early days of the United States show a story that unfolded that closely parallels the events of today. Gun-control advocates are working hard to enact legislation that is eerily similar to the laws enacted by the British Crown. Today July 4th, 2017 needs to mark the day that we reclaim our Independence from those that wish to enslave us. Defending the Second Amendment is crucial to preserving that independence.

Political Change not a Revolution

The problem with war any war is that when the last shot is fired and the smoke clears the world is forever changed.  It will never be the same as it was before the actions that lead to war.  The countries involved are forever changed and the people are changed.

The 28th Amendment

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”  Those sage words of wisdom from philosopher George Santayana are as true now as they were over 100 years …

What a Difference a Day Makes

The idea that taking guns away from me will make you safer is the most intellectually dishonest argument proffered since the ratification of the Second Amendment in 1791!

What is the Liberty First Foundation?

The Liberty First Foundation grew from a Facebook group named Religion of Arms. Under the leadership of founder Austin von Religion of Arms has grown to over 10,000 members and is starting to gain recognition as defenders of the Second Amendment and people’s right to self-protection.