Range Day 2019

The Liberty First Foundation is organizing the first ever National Range Day.  This is being done to help introduce people to the firearm community and firearms.  The current misconceptions being spread about firearms and firearm owners must be challenged.  The truth about firearms needs to be spread in our communities.

Mid-Term Elections-We Didn’t Win, Now What?

So, we got knocked down.  We can choose to let it defeat us and give up or we can get up and act.  Complaining does nothing and only serves the oppositions interests.  Because if your complaining your not acting.  If you are not acting you are not gaining support for your cause.  So, let’s stop with the threats and pull ourselves up and start acting to change our results.

Deadly Force – Chapter 6 cont.

This edition of Deadly Force will finish up this chapter on personal protection options. We will discuss holsters, ammunition and sights. There are a few things to consider when selecting …

Power of Positivity

  In today’s political climate staying positive on the 2A battlefield is easier said than done.  With another setback being pushed on our brothers and sisters in California, a major …