Commentary: Fight against Red Flag in NY gathering attention

We need to keep the pressure on New York State Senators to reject all 5 Red Flag Bills in the State Legislature. While the major news media in New York State (and the country) have pushed the highly distracting partisan message that the US Government is akin to Nazi Germany, the dearth of coverage of these Constitution-killing “Red Flag” Bills – sometimes called ERPO or Extreme Risk Protection Orders – remains deafening. But citizens are learning the facts for themselves.

Opposition Through Resolution

The Liberty First Foundation urges all municipal governments to oppose any laws that are restrictive of the Second Amendment and we urge Law Enforcement Officers not to enforce these unconstitutional laws as they are in violation of the oath that you took.

Repeal NY SAFEact

Opposition Through Resolution

The Liberty First Foundation and it’s Facebook Group Liberty First Foundation are working to oppose new gun control measures that are being passed across the nation.  Every day we hear …