Ontario Rat 1 Review

Budget knives are a point of interest for many, me included. We want an EDC knife that isn’t just going to shatter on us under any kind of abuse, is cheap to replace, and doesn’t break within a year’s time of use. This was the exact intent of the Ontario Rat 1, as when I bought it I had just began a job as an animal caretaker. Sure enough, over the last few years the Rat 1 has really proven itself as an excellent budget option.

Ontario Rat 1

Finding budget-friendly gear can be difficult, especially where knives are concerned. Some of the offerings out there will crack with any amount of force, others will dull the moment you look at them, and some just completely fall apart with little use. When I bought the Rat 1 it was because I didn’t want my Spyderco Tenacious getting mucked up at a job I had started as an animal caretaker, but it didn’t take long for the Rat 1 to become one of my all-time favorite pocket knives.