Tom King Champion For Gun Rights

“I would thank you very much if you would vote for me for the NRA Board.” Tom King

Top gun rights advocate in the Empire State calls on gun owners to take their passion for firearms and constitutional rights to the ballot box or risk losing them altogether.

“There are 5 million gun owners in New York, but you have to vote for your gun rights,” said Tom King, President of New York State Rifle and Pistol Association and candidate for re-election to the National Rifle Association Board of Directors 2019. “You can’t vote with your union, you can’t vote with the party your mommy and daddy signed you up in 30 years ago, you have to vote for your gun rights, that’s the bottom line.”

Founded in 1871, NYSRPA is the state’s largest and nation’s oldest firearms advocacy organization. NYSRPA is dedicated to the preservation of Second Amendment rights, firearm safety, education and training, and the shooting sports.

Earlier this week, Senate Democrats passed new gun control laws that place even more restrictions on law abiding citizens with little to no attention to curbing violent crime. King said Democratic lawmakers and Gov. Andrew Cuomo continue to press for measures that would remove our constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

“When you have a legislature that is dominated by downstate, mostly New York City uber-liberal Democrats, and a governor who is trying to out-liberal New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, it doesn’t get any worse than that.”

As head of Housing and Urban Development, during the Clinton administration, he said it was Cuomo who tried to ban firearms in government financed housing. “Cuomo has a long history that both NYSRPA and the NRA have been telling people about, but for some reason, people keep on voting for him.”

The GOP lost eight seats in the State Senate last election, he said.

“The Republicans and gun owners didn’t come out to vote,” said King. “The toll in the Senate right now is 23 Republicans to 40 Democrats and in the Assembly 103 Democrats to 47 Republicans.”

One of measures inside the new law makes it possible for a judge to issue an order to confiscate one’s firearms, without notice or hearing, if a family or household member, school official or law enforcement officer complains that one is too unstable to possess firearms, also known as “Red Flag” laws.

“This is the ultimate slippery slope,” said King, who serves on four NRA Committees.

“If that’s not bad enough after you’re cleared or proven not to be a danger to yourself, or to your family, or to the public, you can’t get your guns back from the same judge who issued the order to take your guns,” he continued. “You have to go to a Supreme Court judge and to do that you have to hire an attorney, that costs about $10,000, to get back your guns that should never have been taken in the first place.”

King insists that grassroots action be taken immediately. “Unless we do something in the next two years to take back the Senate, the Democrats will be in charge of redistricting, and we will never win an election in New York again.”

In response to Cuomo’s public demands that Christian gun owners leave the state, King encourages New Yorkers to stay and fight. “My Christian values and my guns are going to stay,” he said. “I am going to fight them as long as I can and I urge all New Yorkers to do the same thing, it’s a battle we can win.”

King, who is a lifelong big game hunter, reloader and competitive shooter, said the Second Amendment is paramount to protecting all of our freedoms. “The Second Amendment is your right, it’s the right that guarantees all other rights in this nation.” He said today’s Democrat Party cares more about control than freedom.

“We have to wonder why the liberals, the socialists and the progressives are fighting so hard to do away with our Second Amendment rights? Is it because they know once those go, we are unable to fight back against any of the other incursions to do away with the rest of our rights?”

King said we ought to get involved by volunteering with pro-gun legislators and pro-gun candidates. “Fight for your rights and don’t let them take away your guns,” he said. “If the Second Amendment goes, the country is going to go.”

“I personally endorse Tom King for NRA board based on seeing first hand, for many years, how incredibly dedicated Tom is in leading New York’s Rifle and Pistol Association members and New Yorkers in defense of our Second Amendment rights.” Raquel Okyay

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