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Tony SimonNew Jersey has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation.  But a group is fighting to change that and they are taking that message to the people.

I was honored to sit and talk via a video interview with Tony Simon.  Tony started Diversity Shoot at his range and it has been an overwhelming success.  These events had to be limited to 40 people due to interest in the events.

Tony holds these events to allow anyone to come and find out first hand about the Second Amendment and to meet some of the people in the Second Amendment community.  These events set themselves apart.  EVERYONE is welcomed.  IT is a time for people to fellowship together and to learn about different cultures while learning that the Second Amendment is for EVERYONE.

Tony Simon FreedomWhile the anti-gun groups are spreading their message through misinformation, Tony is challenging them with truth and has history on his side as he talks about the real reason behind gun control.

Tony was a great person to interview.  Before I realized it we had been talking for close to 2 hours.  I am breaking this video up into 4 parts so that you can watch them in shorter durations.  The full interview is there as well if you want to watch it in a single session.

You can find information about the Diversity Shoot at

You can find more information about Tony Simon and the Second is for Everyone on Facebook at and at You can find Tony’s Podcast at and you can help Tony’s cause by donating at



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