Two Types of Predators

Predator Type-ResourceBasically, there are two types of predators. One Predator is looking for your resources or plainly put your possessions. Consider that a resource predator may be a heroin addict with a $200 or more daily habit. The resource predator is after a resource, he wants something from you. It could be your money, electronics, your car, or something tangible he can sell so they can buy drugs.

Types of Predators-Resource

The resource predator can and will uses violence to get what he wants. Often, upon relinquishing the item, they will quickly leave. Most attacks will start with a blitz. They may use physical violence or threats of violence. They will do whatever they need, to get the upper hand. They want you to cower and hand over the resource.

Although, their goal is not the violence it is merely to get the resource. This does not make them any less dangerous of a predator. Their goal is to get the resource and not get caught or injured. If killing you reduces his chances of getting caught or hurting you reduces his chances of getting injured, the resource predator won’t hesitate to do what he needs to do to walk away with your resource.

Predator Type - ProcessTypes of Predators-Process

The Process Predator is in it for the crime. The act of violence is the reason for the crime. Crimes often committed by process predators: Rape, ritualistic torture, murder, and thrill seeking robberies.

With the process predator, you are the resource. He has chosen you because you fit his profile. Compliance is what the process predator wants. Complying with a process predator is a terrible idea. Anyone attempting to control you probably intends to kill you or worse.

A natural reaction of freezing or complying with his instructions, will be an absolutely wrong and fatal decision. To a process predator, your life means nothing. Begging, pleading, trying to reason with him will get you nowhere. Never go to a secondary location. The chances of surviving after moving there are statistically very low. The second location is always better for the attacker and worse for his victim. In a remote location, you are at the mercy of a violent predator, a predator who wants to spend “alone time” with you is very dangerous.

Home Invasion

Types of Predators - Home InvasionIn a home invasion, a criminal that breaks into your occupied home, has come prepared to murder you and your family. Mere burglars generally make sure a house is empty before breaking in. This criminal can and will exploit the bonds of your family.

A single attacker can immobilize an entire family. By holding a knife to your wife’s throat, a husband will submit to being tied up. If your attacker has a knife to your child’s throat and demands you to cooperate by lying face down and assures you everything will be okay.

You must not COMPLY! You must flee the house immediately. If after you flee, the intruder murders your child before he flees, he was going to murder your child anyway, either before or after he killed you. And believe this; he will take his time doing it.

Complying with a sociopath is always the wrong move. Victims in these circumstances, hope by cooperating, their attacker will show mercy. A mercy, which will never be given. In any home invasion, you must escape and if escape is impossible, you must fight back with the most ferocious attack you can muster. You must fight as though your life depended on it, and it will.

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