Use of Deadly Force Chapter 1

Chapter 1


I’ve been asked to donate material on the use of deadly force. This is not be a tutorial on how to administer deadly force; it is an informative article designed to make you aware of subject matter you may never have known about.

The information presented is paramount for anyone considering owning or carrying a defensive firearm either concealed or open carry.

Much of the subject matter is universal and should apply to everyone. Yet some, you will need to research according to your local laws and then study.

Similar to muscle memory developed during firearm practice, being proficient and mentally prepared for a violent attack is equally important. Knowing what to expect and how to respond can save your life and the lives of people you love.

As I move forward with lessons, I will consider everyone a novice.

As I explain subject matter in the beginning, it may seem boring or elementary to some, but hopefully, everyone will learn something new throughout the course.

I cannot stress this enough. Research your laws for your specific area. It will help develop the mental fortitude you will need to handle a violent attack.

For example, SYG or “Stand Your Ground” legislation. Although, the concept may be similar in every state that has enacted “SYG”, there may be nuances for your particular area. After following this course, you will know the basics of SYG and then, you can research the laws and how they will pertain to the laws in your area.

Course Description

This course is designed to educate the average person looking to purchase a firearm to use for self defense in the home, business, or out in the public. It will cover information that is imperative for the gun owner for either the Conceal Carry or Open Carry.

Since this information could be viewed by virtually anyone, it will be necessary for you to take the initiative to take this information and research it for your specific location.

(Disclaimer) – The information gathered in this course, is readily available on the internet or your local library. The author strives to use the latest and most up to date information available, but because of the volatile anti-gun legislation and push for gun restrictions, it is impossible to keep all information relevant to your state; therefore, there shall be no liability for damages against the author or sponsor, The Liberty First Foundation, for typos, misunderstood, misapplied, incomplete or inaccurate information or for the actions of anyone who read this material.

In this article, topics will range from options for personal defensive to predators from rules of engagement to criminal and civil litigation after a defensive shooting.

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