Vortex Strikefire II & Vortex 3X’s Magnifier Review

I was excited to participate in an advanced carbine training class at my local gun store and range, Top Gun Shooting Sports in Taylor Michigan. This was professional training for those who had experience and a firm understanding of semi-auto carbine rifle capabilities. The guys I trained with had top shelf guns and gear. I felt well equipped with my Colt 6920 M4 and EOTech 512. Unfortunately, my experience in the class went south quick.

An hour into the class, my EOTech 512 quit on me. The reticle disappeared as I fumbled around with the newly replaced batteries attempting to fix it. It was clear the optic was out of commission. It’s a good thing I had backup sights however my training skills were decreased due to my gear failing. This was a great lesson about checking and double checking one’s gear. If the gear fails, the shooter has to overcome or he will fail.

The bottom line is, the EOTech went in the trash and I needed a reliable optic system that was rugged and could handle stress. I needed something I could rely on that was too difficult to operate. After studying various optic systems and reading many reviews, I chose the Vortex Strikefire II and the Vortex 3X magnifier. The Strikefire II and 3X’s magnifier combined cost less than one EOTech 512. I could not be happier with this optic system.

The Vortex Strikefire II has a red/green dot optic with extremely clear glass. The controls (two buttons) are located on the left side and can perform every function needed. The on/off, optic dot brightness intensity, switching from red to green and turning off is all completed with the two buttons on the left side. The metal casing around the optic is extremely strong. I needed an optic that could resist being dropped and dragged and from everything I read and watched, the Strikefire II can handle some abuse.

The Vortex Strikefire II takes a CR2 battery and has incredible battery life. Thankfully, it will automatically turn off when not in use to preserve battery life. That feature is much appreciated.

The Vortex 3X’s magnifier compliments the Strikefire II so well. This magnifier can be tilted in either direction the shooter prefers. The only control needed to understand is the tilting lever. By pushing that lever, the magnifier can be put in or tilted out of use. When the 3X’s magnifier is in use, the Strikefire II is easier to use. It brings the entire field of vision image much closer to the eye which allows for much more accurate shooting. Now that I own a Vortex 3X’s magnifier and spoiled with its ability, I will most likely get a couple more for my other rifles.

I truly believe the Vortex Strikefire II and the Vortex 3X’s magnifier is an excellent optic system. It is tough, easy to use and priced right. Ironclad Defense is offering both of these at discounted prices. Simply click https://ironcladmags.com/ and use thefirearmguy in the discount code. You will receive 15% off on Vortex optics and anything else on the entire site.

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