What do New York and China have in common?

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What do China and New York have in common?

The smallest minority anywhere is the individual and an individual’s rights trumps those of any group or organization. Censorship and suppression of information is as bad, if not worse, than taking away an individual’s rights to own firearms.

In New York they have proposed a bill that would mandate social media AND search engine histories to be checked for those wanting to purchase a firearm.

Per the guidelines, if you wanted a gun, or wanted to renew a carry permit, you would have to hand over your passwords and account information to officials. These searches will go back a total of 3 years and will be across the main search engines and social media platforms.

What are they looking for? Well…”slurs used or biased language used to describe race, national origin, ancestry, gender, religion, disability or sexual orientation; threatening health or safety of another person, or an act of terrorism.”

A person’s speech pattern, search pattern, etc. can no more predict a person’s intentions than the psychologist that cleared Nikolas Cruz was able to see how unstable he was.
It will no more prevent atrocities from happening than the FBI has been able to after being alerted to individuals like Nikolas Cruz several times.

This bill is essentially a Trojan horse. Inside is censorship, censorship in the form of taking away essential liberty. Not from terrorists, not from evil people. But from people who enjoy risque humor. Eventually… people who disagree with certain political figures.

Abuse of these systems is inevitable, to think rights won’t be restricted due to affiliations & beliefs IF this gets implemented is foolish.

This isn’t too dissimilar to what China has been working on since 2014. In 2014 China announced a social credit system, this system is expected to be live come 2020.

You can be punished for: Spending too much on luxury items, playing video games for too long, watching too much TV, what you say/don’t say on social media, smoking, and more.

The punishments for doing something the government deems bad?
1. Banned from booking flights/getting train tickets.
2. Throttled internet speeds.
3. Barring your children from schools.
4. Restricting you from getting certain jobs.
5. You can have your dog taken away.

Here’s the thing though… it’s not just the Chinese government that is monitoring…judging… deciding the fate of citizens. It’s social media giants that are participating in it as well; willingly.

George Orwell’s book 1984 when it was written was a thing of fiction, today it is becoming more and more of a reality.

Originally posted on the TacCat Facebook page on 11/28/18

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